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Woman Strikes Culvert After Driving Into Ditch

A young woman has died after she drove her vehicle into a ditch and struck a concrete culvert late Thursday night. According to Harris County Sheriff’s deputies, the accident happened around 10:15 p.m. on Huffman-New Caney Road near Northwood Country Road. Initial investigations into the crash indicate that the 25-year-old female driver lost control of her SUV and went onto the shoulder of the road. A large ditch next to the roadway caused the vehicle to go 50 yards before it struck the culvert. The victim was sent to the hospital in critical condition and later died at the hospital of her injuries. Investigators are continuing to look into the cause of the crash. The identity of the victim in the accident has not yet been released. Often it can be difficult find the underlying cause of an accident. Investigators do their best to find out who or what may have been at fault to determine liability. Every accident has a specific set of circumstances surrounding it. Sometimes a driver can be at fault by being distracted or a roadway can be poorly designed or lit. Something may have malfunctioned or failed on the vehicle itself and ultimately caused a crash. A good attorney knows what is needed to help get to the bottom of a case because they understand the law and can help to unravel the underlying cause of most motor vehicle accidents and who is responsible for any damages or loss. If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident, having an experienced attorney on your side is essential. Your lawyer can make the difference in the type of insurance settlement you receive. Injuries have high medical costs, loss of work, pain and suffering or the tragedy of funeral costs. Personal injury lawsuits require legal counsel that will look out after your best interests. We will work diligently to make certain you are compensated fairly and those responsible are held accountable. When you call, our attorneys will help you find the best resources and courses of action suited to your situation. A meeting with us is confidential and without cost or obligation.

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