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La Porte Car Accident Lawyer

A sad fact is that insurance companies are out to make a profit, and they may not always have your personal best interests at heart. Insurance is a business, and any insurance company will invariably try to give you the least possible compensation for your claim, if any at all. In such cases, you should speak with an experienced car accident attorney to work toward winning the highest compensation possible. Our team of legal professionals will help you claim fair compensation based on hospital bills, loss of income, pain, and suffering, as well as other losses sustained as a result of a car accident.

Reasons Why Insurance Companies Do Not Want You To Hire An Attorney

La Porte operates under the Comparative Negligence law. This law demands that parties should share accident damages commensurate to their negligence. After your accident, you most likely will have to reach out to the other road user’s insurance company. If they discover that the case is against them and the driver they have insured was more at fault, or even if there was a manufacturing defect in either of the vehicles involved, they will reach out to you in a bid to have you settle for a low amount.

Once you sum up your hospital bills, loss of income, and arrive at a cost estimate for other inconveniences caused by the accident and compare it to what the insurance company intends to compensate you with, you will likely find that the amount they are offering is less. In this case, finding an experienced La Porte car accident lawyer to help you win fair compensation is the first thing you should do. Besides, insurance companies have teams of car accident lawyers, and it is only fair that you work with a skilled lawyer as well.

Types of accidents covered by our team of car accident lawyers in the La Porte area include:

  • Side impact collisions
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Head-on collisions
  • Sideswipe accidents
  • Rollover accidents
  • Speeding accidents

There are 3 things you must remember to do whenever you have an accident:

  1. Do not admit that anything was your fault.
  2. Avoid signing anything.
  3. Do not consent to be recorded.

Choose a Lawyer with a Contingency-Free Policy

The only attorney sure of winning a case is the one who takes up your case without expecting to earn a legal fee if there is no favorable result. Many La Porte car accident and injury lawyers do not take cases they do not believe in winning. This is why they have a “no win, no legal fee” policy. You should avoid attorneys who require an up-front retainer, as such a lawyer like does not believe your case can be won.

You should hire a law firm that does not expect you to pay any amount up front or any compensation at all if you do not get a suitable win or court settlement yourself. A good lawyer will not even require you to pay court costs in the event that you lose a trial.

Do Not Hire Just Any La Porte Car Accident Lawyer You Come Across

Your choice of legal representation plays a big role in determining the success or failure of your claim. Before hiring a lawyer for your car accident claim, make sure that he or she specializes in accident cases and has reasonable experience in the field. The lawyer or law firm you choose should also have a good reputation with many satisfied customers. Choose a lawyer or legal office that has a winning record when it comes to handling cases similar to yours.

Our team of dedicated car accident lawyers will guide you all the way through everything you need to expect on each step of the way. Your lawyer will take care of all of the necessary paperwork filings and will hold constructive negotiations with the insurance companies involved in your case. Many accident lawyers provide representation but without compassion. Our team understands your fears and concerns and will help bring you relief from all of the distress and loss caused by a car accident.

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Our team of legal experts is on standby to help you. We offer professional car accident legal services in the La Porte area and we are prepared to give you answers to all of the questions you have with regards to car accidents and personal injuries. Call us at 713-677-2159 to provide details about you and the accident, and we will assign a dedicated lawyer to your case. Our attorney will walk through and evaluate your case with you, all free of charge, and they will discuss your claim’s strengths and weaknesses with you.

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