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Used Car Flaw Leads To Million Dollar Lawsuit

When you purchase a vehicle, it’s easy to take for granted that the car you have bought is safe. Unfortunately when purchasing a used vehicle, however, that may not always be the case. A couple in Dallas found that out after being seriously injured in an accident. The crash which happened in December of 2013 nearly cost them their lives. Matthew and Marcia Seebachan have named John Eagle Collision Center in a lawsuit and are seeking over a million dollars in damages according to the Houston Chronicle.

According to court documents filed in Dallas County District Court, their 2010 Honda Fit were traveling on US 281 in Burnet County when they were struck by another vehicle. During the accident, the roof was disconnected from the structure of the Seebachan’s car.

In July of 2012, the previous owner of the Seebachan’s vehicle brought the car to John Eagle Collision Center after the vehicle suffered hail damage. The Seebachans allege that when they purchased the vehicle the CarFax report did not reflect the work that had been performed by the body shop to the roof of their Honda.

According to a statement in deposition given by the director of the body shop, John Boyce, rather than welding the roof of the car on properly, the body shop used glue instead. Because the repairs had not been properly performed, investigators in the case concluded that both the fuel tank and the overall structural integrity of the Honda had been compromised.

After the crash, the vehicle caught fire with Matthew Seebachan trapped inside. Matthew Seebachan suffered serious burns before he was able to be freed from the burning vehicle.

Being injured in a serious car accident is traumatic. For those who have suffered and also survived being burned in an accident, it can be especially painful. In spite of recent medical breakthroughs that can give burn victims a greater chance of survival, it can still take weeks, months or in some severe case even years before burns are completely healed. Often those who have been injured are left with painful scars and physical limitations that can affect their work and overall quality of life.

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