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Car Crash Victim Shares Success Story One Year Later

Just over a year ago, Jaclyn Pellicotte was riding in a jeep that was T-boned and crushed.  The accident left her with a severe brain injury that left her fighting for her life. As Celina Quintana of KTSM in Houston reports, the crash was so violent that it wasn’t clear if Jaclyn would ever recover.

The 21-year-old was rushed to UMC medical center where doctors learned that the crash had caused Jaclyn’s brain to shift and to swell so rapidly that the trauma required surgery to remove parts of her skull. Taken to a quiet room, Jacklyn’s family was informed by some doctors that though they were working on her, she probably would never be able to regain the ability to walk or even talk again.

Not giving up hope, the Pellicotte family moved to Houston to be near the TIRR Memorial Hermann research and rehabilitation center.  Looking back over the previous year, even those closest to Jacklyn are amazed at how much progress she has made.

“You wake up, and it’s like watching grass grow,” Jaclyn’s father, Dennis Pellicotte told KTSM. “And it doesn’t seem like any progress is happening, but it is,” he said.

Over the long weeks and months, and against all odds, Jacklyn’s progress and her family are celebrating what they call a “rebirth.”  Jaclyn’s mother, Sheri Pellicotte, recalls how one day she looked at her daughter to tell her that she loved her. To Sheri’s surprise, Jacklyn responded with, “I love you too.”

Jacklyn Pellicotte is what the research and rehabilitation center is calling a success story. Today she is much more awake and aware and is able to communicate and walk with assistance.

The Pellicotte families have moved back to El Paso, but say that they are excited to come back to Houston to share their story with other families who may be going through similar situations to give them hope.

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