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Crammed SUV Crashes after Police Chase

images (26)An SUV crammed completely full of people lead police on a chase through Edna. That chase ended in a horrific crash. The police say that at least six died and seven were injured in the crash.

The chase began in Corpus after police saw a traffic violation. The driver refused to stop and lead police on a high speed chase to Edna. At the Loop 521 Exit, the SUV rolled over and ejected several people.

Police discovered that the seats in the SUV had been removed to allow more people to fit inside, leading to the high mortality and injury count. It is quite possible that the vehicle could have been overloaded, which would have made it easier to tip over.

Two people attempted to flee, but were apprehened by police.

We cannot say for certain why, or even how, so many people were able to fit into one SUV. Nevertheless, it put everyone involved in an extremely unsafe situation. Never overload a vehicle and make sure everyone wears a seat belt. It’s not just for their safety or your safety, it can also help protect you against litigation and criminal charges in case of an accident.

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