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Freak Accident Involving Backhoe on Stemmons Freeway

Some freak accidents are called that because they come out of nowhere. They’re completely unpredictable, like an unknown mechanical failure. But others are called that because of how bizarre they are. This week’s story is an example of the latter, and it’s a tragic one.

At 5 AM, a burglar decided to steal a backhoe from the city’s water department for a bit of a joyride. But he decided to do it down the Stemmons Freeway with no lights on. Not only that, but he went in the opposite direction of traffic.

Unfortunately, this lead to the obvious result. A car crashed into the front of the backhoe, severely injuring the driver and killing the passenger. The man driving the backhoe then fled on foot and police are still hunting for him.

This is a completely senseless accident, so you would expect that insurance would cover all the damages. But even in freak accident cases the insurance company may try to keep due compensation from you. If you have to negotiate with an insurance company for any reason, it is good to have a personal injury lawyer look over the settlement before you sign.

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