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Hunt Is On For Hit And Run Driver

A 10-year-old boy is on the mend after he was struck by a hit and run driver on Friday.

According to a story appearing on the website, Caden Walsh had been walking home from school that afternoon when a red SUV came across the grassy shoulder and onto the sidewalk and hit him. The boy heard the approaching vehicle and was able to avoid the oncoming force of the accident.

Caden had been left with an injured leg along the sidewalk. The driver in a vehicle described as a red SUV with dark tinted windows left the scene of the crash.  

In incredible pain, Caden began to crawl home, “I kind of stood like a dog and I kind of dragged my leg like I was limping,” Caden said in an interview. The boy estimated he was dragging himself for approximately 15 minutes before a passerby spotted him and took him home.

Once home, Caden’s father called the police and took the boy to the hospital. The boy is expected to make a full recovery.

Authorities are still looking for the at-large driver and have increased the number of officers in the area to ensure that drivers are following traffic laws for the area around the school. We hope that the police are able to find the responsible driver and bring him to justice, and that the boy receives full compensation for his injuries.

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