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IIDs Working to Stop Drunk Drivers

According to statistics released by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, ignition interlock devices are working very well in Texas and across the nation. The Houston Chronicle explains what they’ve observed.

Ignition interlock devices are like a breathalyzer for your car. Drivers have to breathe into a tube before they can start it. If alcohol is detected above the state limit, the car will fail to start. These devices also report statistics back to authorities.

MADD says that over 27,000 attempts at drunk driving were thwarted in Texas thanks to the devices. In 2015, the law was changed to allow judges to force any DUI offender to have the device installed. In the same year, the number of people killed in DUI crashes dropped to the lowest levels since 2006.

The devices have been around for over a decade. MADD says they’ve prevented over 2.3 million drunk driving trips. Making the devices mandatory for all DUI offenders is the group’s top priority.

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