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Local Amusement Center Declared Unsafe

Harris County fire inspectors have called the safety of a popular children’s destination into question and declared it unsafe this week.

Funplex covers more than five acres. Inside the building there are various amusement attractions such as bowling, skating, go-karts and a Ferris wheel. However the Harris County fire marshal says that someone is going to get seriously hurt unless changes are made to the structure.

The sign hanging on the fence in front of the Funplex located on Beechnut indicated that the business will be closed Friday night for a private party, which is one of the things that has fire inspectors concerned.

Martinn AbegglenThe fire marshal expects the party to be large and says it poses a serious threat to the safety of the public.

A total of 28 citations were issued against the owners of Funplex for fire and safety hazards include a non-functioning fire alarm, emergency exit doors, and electrical hazards including overloaded circuits and exits blocked by debris, just to name a few.

A lawsuit has been filed by Harris County attorneys asking a judge to make Funplex’s owners correct the problems. The County attorney says the owners have been given multiple citations and nothing has been done to fix the problems. This is, he says, a blatant disregard for customer safety and cannot be tolerated.

Because the hazards have not been corrected the fire marshal reduced the building’s occupancy to 299 people.

Amusement parks, playgrounds and the like that are open to the public are carefully scrutinized for potential hazards. Even when the staff of such a facility takes every possible safety precaution, accidents can happen.

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