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Man Thrown from Vehicle

SeatbeltThere are a number of factors which can contribute to an accident. There can be vehicle malfunctions, driver inattention, drinking and driving, speeding, and more. In one Houston man’s death, there may have been a combination of these factors at play.

There were two passengers in the vehicle. The driver was cruising along in the middle of the day when he suddenly lost control of the vehicle that he was driving. There wasn’t any recourse available, so the man ended up crashing into someone’s yard and was thrown from the vehicle.

Presumably, the driver of the car wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. It’s also said that alcohol may have been a factor in the loss of control of the vehicle. Putting the two together can often be a tragic event, as it was in this case. The person who was also in the car suffered minor injuries, but there was no physical life-altering damage done to the survivor.

It’s dangerous to take the wheel when you’ve been drinking. The basic rule of thumb to take is: if you have to ask, wait an hour’ when it comes to drinking and driving. It’s just safer that way, and it keeps more people alive.

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