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METRO Worker Saves Two People From Car Fire

It can take no more than a split second, and someone makes a decision to intervene to help another person in a time of need. Such actions can turn any ordinary person into a hero in the blink of an eye.

According to a story that recently appeared in the website, that is exactly what happened when a Houston METRO worker after his efforts saved the lives of two people after a crash last month.

The video was posted on Houston METRO’s Facebook page on Wednesday. On it, Leang “Terry” Ear can be seen running over to a vehicle that crashed head-on into a light post near a rail crossing located near 66th Street in Houston.   He received news of an accident which occurred in the late night on November 20th.  Ear reacted quickly and arrived on the scene to pull the two crash victims from their crumpled vehicle before it burst into flames.

“Seeing an accident, no one’s around, pretty much your instinct is you gotta go, you gotta help, you gotta do what you can,” Ear said in the video.

Both crash victims survived the crash. No further word on their identities or their condition has been released.

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