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Never Walk on the Freeway

It is illegal for pedestrians to walk on the freeway for a very good reason. The speeds involved in freeway travel make it almost impossible for a driver to notice a pedestrian in the lane and stop in time unless they’re noticed at a very far distance. Instead, they have to swerve into another lane. But even then, it is still possible for a pedestrian to get hit.

A pedestrian freeway accident has led to a fatal accident on the North Freeway in the early morning. The driver of a vehicle got out of his car to check on another driver that he crashed into. When he stepped out, he must have not seen the Prius driving in the next lane over. The Prius slammed on its brakes.

That caused a BMW that was following the Prius to swerve into another lane to avoid an accident. Unfortunately, the lane that drive chose put him in the path of the driver that got out. He died at the hospital. The driver of the BMW was not intoxicated according to police.

It is a tragic accident. When people die from accidents, their families may be due compensation depending on the circumstances. If you feel that someone needs to pay for the death or injury of a loved one, call our injury lawyers. We’ve helped hundreds in Houston get the money they deserve for that they have suffered.

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