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Officer Crash in North Houston

It’s up to the police to enforce the rules of the road.  They move from scene to scene, making sure that all is well and that justice is meted out.  Unfortunately, there are times when incidents happen to the police officers who are trying to keep us safe.  While there were no injuries reported in this case, it’s still something to think about.

It was early in the morning.  Criminal suspects were perpetrating crimes when the police spotted them doing harm.  The police officers gave chase, making the cops speed through the city in an attempt to apprehend.  The cops ended up plowing into the pillar of an overpass while the alleged criminals got away.

Running from the scene is never good, as it opens you up to an entire host of charges. When these individuals are eventually caught, there will most likely be charges added from this early-morning pursuit.  Property damage is very serious, but injuries are even more serious.

When there are vehicles involved, there is always the chance of injuries.  If you’re a caterer who needs to make it to the next block, there is always the chance that another vehicle could cause yours to swerve and force you to injure yourself. What if you’re just doing a little run for your boss across the city?  Who takes care of you and makes sure that you’re justly compensated for your injuries?

We can help you make sense of it all.  If you’ve been injured at your workplace, we can advise you of the next steps which need to be taken.  We understand that even though injuries are not reported at the moment that there may be more in the offing.  Who covers that?  If you’ve been injured on the job, give us a call.

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