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Teacher Killed Crossing Tracks on Foot

Accidents between pedestrians and trains are usually the fault of the pedestrian. But they could also be the fault of inadequate warning systems. If a train intersection has crossing arms but no guards for the sidewalks, is it still safe?

One school is struggling with that question after a teacher was killed by an Amtrak train while she was crossing the tracks. The teacher regularly walked to school crossing the tracks at Lockwood and Bennington.

The accident happened during the lunch hour. Several students witnessed the incident and tried to warn her, but to no avail.The students reported that people cross the tracks all the time, but this is the first time they’ve seen someone get injured there. It is unknown why the teacher didn’t see the lowered crossarms. Regardless, they wouldn’t have blocked the sidewalk.

It is unknown from the news story whether the crossing also had alarm bells or lights. If these were malfunctioning at the time, that points to a very serious issue that must be addressed.

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