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Trail of Debris in Train Crash

A crash involving a dump truck and a Metro train on Wednesday morning in Houston has left a trail of debris and one person injured.

According to the Metropolitan Transit Authority, the accident occurred at approximately 11:40 a.m. near the University of Houston along Old Spanish Trail near MacGregor.

Eyewitnesses to the collision said that the truck attempted to turn in front of the train.   The engineer blew the locomotive’s horn and attempted to stop but the train still struck the dump truck.

Emergency crews were called to the scene.  The truck driver did suffer injuries in the crash and was rushed to an area hospital for treatment.  His official condition has not been released, however, authorities say that his injuries were  non-life-threatening.

In accidents involving trains and other vehicles, the train wins almost every time. When  a train accident occurs, it may result in terrible or even fatal injuries to those involved.  When these accidents do occur, they may result in  terrible accidents or even fatality to those involved. In such cases, having legal representation working for you is important.

If you or a loved one have been injured or killed in an accident involving train or any other type of injury, contact our offices today. Often there are deadlines to filing a personal injury claim against city, state, county or even federal governments in civil suits involving city vehicles and mass transportation systems.

Your claim could cover the costs of your medical bills, time off of work, pain and suffering and other damages related to your case.  Our Houston personal injury accident attorneys have years of experience in the Texas courts and have successfully represented clients in civil cases.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation today.  We can go over the details of your case with you and get your case started. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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