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Trivago Spokesperson Shakes Off DWI Charge

First-time offenders who choose to drive under the influence of alcohol usually have punishments that are less severe than those prescribed for repeat offenders. The consequences for drinking while under the influence of alcohol are ideally the same for anyone – whether they are a famous actor or someone who is less so. Such laws have been put in place to help prevent accidents and to save lives.

According to a report published by ABC 13 in Houston, authorities have announced that the charges of driving while under the influence of alcohol that was filed against local celebrity and actor, Timothy Williams, 53, will be dropped by prosecutors.

Williams was a Trivago sportsperson and actor who was featured in several ads for the travel company. A previous story published by ABC 13 in Houston indicated that the Trivago spokesperson was placed under arrest after he was found passed out in his vehicle in a traffic lane on 8800 Westheimer at 3:50 p.m. on the afternoon of  Wednesday, April 10, 2019.

Prosecutors announced on Monday, February 10th, that the charges against Williams, a Houston native, will be dropped. Williams completed a series of alcohol education courses and community service.  According to Texas State Code, both the courses and community service hours were a requirement as a pre-trial diversion for first time DWI offenders.  

In a similar case on April 2nd 2019, a woman was found asleep and intoxicated in her car while in the traffic lane. She was charged with driving while intoxicated, but it is not clear whether this was her first offense.

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