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Two Women Struck And Killed During Attempted Dog Rescue

Hitting an animal with a vehicle can be a very traumatic experience. For those people in the world are animal lovers, they want to help in whatever way they can. That’s why many motorists will stop and help if they can. For two women in Dickerson who were trying to save a stray dog that was stuck within a busy roadway, their act of kindness turned to tragedy.

The Houston Chronicle reports that the accident occurred on F.M. Road 517 in Dickenson, near Houston Avenue.

Radio Station KTRH reported) that one of the women, Linda Kirkland, 69, had been a devoted volunteer at Southern Comforts Animal Rescue. Kirkland had been driving her vehicle along F.M. Road 517 with her best friend, Martha Arvidsson, 66, when they spotted what looked like a newly groomed dog that was stranded in the middle of the roadway. Kirkland parked her vehicle along the side of the road and engaged her emergency flashers. While the two women were attempting to rescue the dog, they were struck by another driver. The crash ended up killing both women and the dog.

Authorities say that the two women were struck by a vehicle being driven by Fernando Octaviani, 36, of Friendswood. Police arrested and charged Octaviani with having an invalid driver license and failing to produce proof of insurance. He was arrested and then later released.

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