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Woman Fights Back Against 4 Carjackers

When faced with a dangerous situation, not everyone will react in the same way.  Rather than running away from a dangerous situation involving four would-be carjackers, a southwest Houston woman decided to fight instead.

Although police often advise the public to give bad guys what they want to stay safe, according to a story appearing on the Click2Houston website, Gellareh Goudarzi, 49, recently fought off four men who imagined she would be an easy mark.  They painfully found out; however, she was anything but.

Goudarzi told Channel 2’s Phil Archer that a couple of months ago, she was preparing to go to work and was sitting inside her car in the parking lot of her apartment complex located in the 2700 block of Briargrove when four young men approached her vehicle.

One man tried to force his way into her car while a second man tried to pull her out. “He pulled me out of the car, and he was trying to drop me on the ground,” Goudarzi explained. “But in that moment, I decided if I’m going to fall, he’s going to fall with me.”

It was then that she gave her assailant a swift kick in the groin.  Another of her assailants, however, managed to grab her remote for her BMW sedan and jump into the driver’s seat, but couldn’t figure out how to start her car even as his friends were urging him to drive off.

Goudarzi was about to decide what to do next in the situation when the four robbers ran away.  During the entire incident, none of the men touched her purse, which held just over $2,000 from her job at an area restaurant that she manages.

During the entire incident, she didn’t realize that she had been frightened. Goudarzi admits that she was lucky this time, but she said that if she had to, she’d do it again if faced with a similar situation.

“What I did apparently works,” she said.

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