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Wrong Way Drunk Driver Smashes Several Cars

Wrong Way Drunk Driver Smashes Several CarsWe’ve said it before, we’ll say it again.  Drinking and driving don’t mix.  When the two mix together, it’s nothing but a symphony of death and destruction.  Thankfully, the latest victim to feel the crush of drinking and driving is expected to make it through.

The effects of alcohol jar perceptions, break up families, and more. Yet still people drink. The driver in this case was, according to police, driving his Hummer down the road while intoxicated. He was driving extremely early in the morning near North Main and North Freeway.  The man, driving his Hummer H2, got on the freeway the wrong way.  Northbound in the southbound lanes, feeling like he was meant to be there.

He might not even have seen the small sports car when the crash happened.  That small car spun around several times as the sober woman inside was jostled around, careening into a private ambulance. The driver of the Hummer then rammed his vehicle head on into a small SUV.  The woman driving the SUV clings on for dear life in serious condition.  The man driving the Hummer, the one who was allegedly drinking and driving, was arrested at the scene.

Fortunately, out of all of these people who were affected by the booze, only the woman driving the SUV was in serious condition.  There were no other injuries reported in this crash. Accidents happen all the time in Houston, so the likelihood of being in an accident is fairly high.  Once you’re safe, who’s the first call going to be to?  Are you going to call your family, or someone who can get justice for you?

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