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Pearland Speeding Accident Lawyer

In order to win financial compensation for a car accident claim, you need to establish that the responsible party’s negligence led to your injuries or losses. Negligence is the failure to exercise a level of care that someone who is reasonable would have exercised in a similar situation. Speeding is one form of negligence.

Since speeding accidents are often fatal, you should not relent until the negligent driver pays for his or her actions. We are ready to pursue your damages claim for you. Our team of legal experts will take on your case and prove the defendant’s negligence in order to get you the highest claim amount possible.

How our Lawyers will Prove Speeding in an Auto Accident Claim

Speeding can be considered an act of negligence if a driver:

  1. Drives faster than the speed limit – There are speed limits on all Texas highways, roads, and county streets. Driving at more than the indicated maximum speed is deemed unsafe and irresponsible wrongful conduct.
  2. Drives too fast for conditions present – All drivers in Texas are required to use reasonable care when driving in foggy, icy, or rainy conditions. Care needs to be executed as well when driving on curvy roads or during times when traffic is congested.

In auto accident claims, it is necessary to show that not only was the at-fault driver speeding but that the high speed led to an accident that, in turn, resulted in your injuries, property loss, or the loss of a loved one.

Evidence for Speeding Accidents

Our lawyers have many ways of identifying and proving that the party in question was speeding. Some of the evidence used to do this may come from:

  1. Witness statements that indicate that the driver was speeding when the crash occurred.
  2. Electronic recorder data – Many of today’s vehicles have black boxes or EDR’s that can provide information about a vehicle’s speed, acceleration, and braking.
  3. Evidence from the crash scene – The speed of a vehicle before an accident may be determined by examining skid or brake marks.
  4. Accident reconstruction expert reports.
  5. Traffic camera footage.
  6. Police crash reports.
  7. Speeding tickets that were given to the at-fault driver after that accident.
  8. Any statements of the speeding driver admitting fault.

A comprehensive investigation is crucial in building a strong case for a car accident claim. On top of gathering speeding evidence, the lawyer working on your case will also look for evidence showing the extent of your injuries and the manner in which your life has been affected by the accident. This will facilitate the pursuit of fair compensation.

Recovery for Speeding Car Accidents

The lawyer working on your case will gather the evidence needed to help in getting you the maximum legal settlement possible. Cases are often resolved without going to court but by handling negotiations with insurance companies. However, if insurers fail to pay out fair compensation within your legal rights, our lawyers will not hesitate to seek justice for you in a Texas court of law. We aim to get you full and fair compensation for damages such as:

  • Current and future medical bills associated with the accident.
  • Income loss and reduced earning capacity.
  • Emotional trauma.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Mental anguish.
  • Loss of consortium.
  • Deprived enjoyment of life.

Our lawyers can seek punitive damages on your behalf as well in case the accident resulted from the willful conduct or gross negligence of the driver at fault. The aim of punitive damages is to punish the negligent driver and deter such conduct in the future. We can also help you pursue a wrongful death claim if a speeding accident led to the death of a loved one. These damages are meant to cater to funeral and burial bills and to offer financial compensation for your loved one’s lost income, wages, and benefits that he/she used to offer.

Typically, you will be able to recover damages through the liability insurance cover of the at-fault driver. However, keep in mind that insurers are in the business of maximizing profits and not all will be ready to offer you the fair settlement you deserve. For this reason, it is best not to accept any offer presented to you by an insurance company before consulting with our Pearland, TX speeding accident attorneys.

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