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Christmas Day in the Hospital

downloadNo one ever wants to think about getting into an accident or even having to spend Christmas Day in the hospital. But that is exactly what 11-year-old Denerica Jenkin had to do after a friend of the family accidentally crashed her vehicle into family’s ground level apartment in Harris County early Friday.

The accident happened at an apartment complex block of Ella Boulevard on Christmas Eve. Denerica’s mother heard the crash and rushed into her daughter’s bedroom to find a cloud of dust and rubble. The child who had been in the room at the time of the accident was found lying under the vehicle that had just broken through the wall.

Paramedics transported Denerica to Texas Children’s Hospital for treatment of burns, cuts and a broken arm.

While the family doesn’t believe that the friend who was visiting them meant to cause any harm, they did wonder if she might have possibly taken too much of her medication the night of the accident. She was arrested and charged with intoxicated assault with a vehicle.

Nothing is worse than your child getting hurt in an accident. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare to feel so helpless in such a situation. Denerica’s family is certainly thankful for their own Christmas miracle and are happy that though their daughter was hurt, she will be ok. In situations like this, it is almost enough to be grateful to survive an accident. But what about the expense of hospital bills and recovery expenses that will inevitably come afterward?

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