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Cyclist Killed by Metro Train

A spokesman for METRO has confirmed that a bicyclist was struck and killed in a collision with a light rail train in downtown Houston early Monday morning. The incident happened on Main Street at Walker Street shortly after 8 a.m. According to initial eyewitness reports, she may have been pulled under the train after being struck. Police at the scene of the tragic accident said that the woman ended up under the train. Part of her broken bicycle came to rest on a nearby sidewalk. It is currently unknown what might have caused the crash and an investigation is pending. Bicyclists and pedestrians take a risk every time they venture out onto the road. This is especially true in areas such as downtown, where there can be not only cars to contend with, but heavy trucks, buses, trains and other hazards. Train accidents are often deadly, even with monorail or light rail transportation vehicles that are commonly used in cities and other metro areas. Business commuters rely on trains such as the Metro to get them to their work and back home on a daily basis. 

These types of rail systems also have their fair share of collisions or derailments.  While the statistics make travel by these trains one of the safest modes of travel, accidents can and do happen. The cause of an accident can be due to any number of factors such as the negligence on the part of engineers, railways that are inadequately maintained, as well as distracted car drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists. These are just a few of the reasons cited for what causes railway accidents.  With more use comes an increased risk of accidents.  In many cases such accidents, most could have been avoided.  When these accidents do occur, they may result terrible accidents or even fatality to those involved.

If you or a loved one have been injured or killed in an accident involving train, give our offices a call. Before you sign a statement, or settle with any insurance company, get legal representation as soon as possible. Factors such as eyewitness accounts, deadlines set by metropolitan, city and even state and county governments can limit how long you have to file a case. Our attorneys have years of experience in the Texas legal system, successfully representing clients in civil cases and can get your civil case started. Once we match you with one of our lawyers, they will sit down with you listen to the details of case. They will then outline all the potential ways that you can proceed and tell you what your case is really worth. The success of our clients is important to us and we are here to give you not only the compensation you deserve, but also the peace of mind knowing that we will fight to see that justice is served. Your initial consultation is free and carries no obligation to you.

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