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Woman Survives Being Struck by a Train Twice

Struck by a Train Twice

Credit: Mark Hilary

A Utah woman was kicked out of a friend’s house. She became so upset that she may have drove her vehicle into the path of a moving train. The vehicle was sideswiped by several of the railway cars, leaving it stranded on the tracks. As law enforcement offers attempted to get her out of the car, a second train came and hit the vehicle again. Miraculously, the woman managed to come way from the accident with only minor injuries.

Train accidents are almost always incredibly destructive events.  When a car and a train collide, the car and those in it are the usual victims. The effect of a car-train collision can be compared to a soda can being run over by a car. This woman was very lucky to have survived two collisions!

While this particular accident involved a driver who may have deliberately sought to collide with an oncoming train, railway accidents should rarely, if ever, happen. Train crossings, indicator lights and arms are designed to keep motorists safe from oncoming trains that are used to transport people and freight across the country.

Train and automobile accidents are catastrophic due to the sheer weight and speed of an oncoming train. Always be certain to stop if you hear a train signal and stop if the crossing arms are down. Never attempt to go around or outrun a train. It is difficult to tell just how fast an oncoming locomotive is travelling, and such carelessness can end in serious injury or even death. Waiting a few minutes for a train to go by while you wait is not worth risking your life or the lives of others.

While the driver of the car may be at fault here, in a train and automobile accident sometimes the railroad companies bear some of the responsibility in preventing train accidents by having correct signals, signs and warnings all in good working order. Federal law dictates that the public must be protected when going across railway tracks., there are other times whereby the train bears some or much of the responsibility.

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