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High-Speed Chase in Jaguar Ends In Crash

A high-speed chase can seem exciting when you’re watching a movie, but getting into one in real life isn’t a good idea.

That’s exactly what one man did when he led police in such a chase through the streets of Houston early Friday Morning.  According to a story that appeared on the website and on KHOU television, the man drove his Jaguar across the city before crashing his vehicle and attempting to flee from authorities on foot.

According to reports, police officers had attempted to stop the man at Griggs near Lyons for a defective taillight. Rather than pulling over, the man attempted to flee. He first got on to the Eastex Freeway heading northbound at times reaching an estimated speed of up to 90 miles per hour. He then exited at Kingwood before taking U.S. 59 southbound to then take the 610 North Loop, traveling westbound.  According to police, the driver lost control of his vehicle at Cortland where the chase ended in the Jaguar crashing.

The driver then tried to flee the scene of the crash on foot. Police apprehended him and have now charged him with felony evading.

There were two passengers that were in the Jaguar that the driver let out of the car at some point on U.S. 59. They were not charged in the incident.

The driver said in an interview with KHOU that he initially fled from police because he thought he was being stopped for no reason.

Driving at high speeds can lead to serious injuries and fatalities. When fleeing from law enforcement, the risk factor increases significantly not only to those inside the vehicle at the time but also to anyone else that shares the road in other vehicles and even innocent bystanders. Thankfully, in this incident, no one was seriously hurt.

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