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Four Vehicle Crash Shuts Down Freeway

The North Freeway was closed after four vehicles crashed near the Airtex exit around 1:30 a.m. One person has been arrested by law enforcement in connection with the accident. Harris County Sheriff’s deputies state that an SUV and a car collided while traveling in the northbound lanes. The man driving the SUV then cut across the lanes and was struck by a Dodge van, which was then struck from behind by an 18-wheeler. The van, which had a large family inside, rolled after hitting a concrete barrier. According to Sheriff’s reports, the male driver of the SUV exited the freeway following the crash and went to a nearby lot to look at recreational vehicles. Harris County Sheriff’s deputies caught up with the driver, taking him into custody for having left the scene of an accident. Only minor cuts and bruises were reported from everyone within the four vehicles involved in the crash. Drivers learn early on that they need to share the road with others safely. Unsafe lane changes have caused many accidents. There are many ways to avoid causing an accident by making an unsafe lane change. Some of these are:

  • Always be sure to signal your intent to change lanes by using your turn signals or
  • Only change one lane at a time, going across multiple lanes at once can be viewed as erratic behavior by other drivers and by law enforcement.
  • Never cut anyone off in order to change lanes.
  • Be sure to check your mirrors to make a safe lane change. Never change lanes in an area where the lanes are separated by solid lines; only do so around dashed lines.
  • Do not increase your speed in order to change lanes. Easy does it.
  • Don’t be in more than one lane, drive in more than one lane or “straddle” two lanes for long distances.
  • In many states it is considered illegal to change lanes while you are in an intersection, or just prior to reaching an intersection. Wait until you’re well through the light interchange, then change when you have a clear path to change lanes.

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