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Motorcyclist Struck on I-69

A motorcyclist that was involved in a hit-and-run collision is currently listed in critical condition in an accident that happened on Wednesday on Interstate 69.

According to an article which appeared on the website, Lt. Larry Crowson of the Houston Police Department indicated that the crash occurred at approximately 3:00 a.m. on the outbound lanes of Interstate 69 (also known as of U.S. 59) at Wilcrest. The driver of the vehicle that struck the motorcyclist fled the scene of the crash.

The motorcyclist was taken to an area hospital by Life Flight and is currently listed in critical condition.  The motorcyclist’s name has not yet been released and was only described by police investigators only as being male.

The hit and driver is still at large and police did not immediately release a description of the vehicle or its driver. 

By law, it is considered illegal to leave the scene of an accident until authorities arrive or at the very least without exchanging insurance information and contact details with any victims or drivers. Anyone who gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, gets involved in a serious accident and then flees the scene has broken the law. Texas law is quite clear; the failure to stop render aid in serious accident is on the same level of as driving a vehicle while intoxicated.  

Motorcyclists and their passengers face more risk on the road than other types of motor vehicles.  In spite of their increased maneuverability motorcyclists are more exposed to the elements and the dangers of the road.  Because these vehicles are both smaller and lighter than cars, motorcyclists have a higher likelihood of serious injury or worse.  

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