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Police Search For Vehicle Repair Scammers

The Houston Police Department is searching for at least six individuals who are part of a scam that targets and takes advantage of motorists in the metropolitan area.

According to a report appearing on the website for station KHOU in Houston,  the six a part of what authorities are calling the “Wobbly Wheel Scam.” They have been known to be operating in the Westheimer area from the 610 West Loop to Highway 6, as well as Richmond Avenue inside the 610 Loop, and along South Main Street near Braeswood Boulevard. 

So far, two of the male suspects have been identified and arrested.  Police say that the other four suspects are still currently at large.

How the Scam Works

The scammer will carefully pick out their victim.  When they decide who to target, they will then yell, honk and try to get the attention of the unsuspecting motorist and tell them that one of the wheels on their vehicle is wobbling and looks as if it may come off and tell them that they should pull over.

If the driver is convinced to pull over by the scammers to pull over, the scammers will attempt to convince the motorist that they could fix the problem with a part that they just happen to have with them in their vehicle.  The scammer will then act as if they are repairing the vehicle and then demand payment from the motorist in the form of cash or gift cards.

A spokesperson for the Houston Police Department advises Houston motorists that if their wheel is really going to come off, they will definitely feel it in their steering wheel. If they don’t feel that vibration, then they shouldn’t pull over.

The suspects are two women and two men. They are believed to be driving a tan Toyota Camry, a silver Ford, and a white Subaru.  Since March of 2019, the scammers have managed to cheat 13 unsuspecting motorists of approximately $8,0000.

Authorities believe that the four may have left the area and fled to Michigan.

The Houston Police Department is encouraging anyone who believes that the scammers have also victimized them or if they have any information to contact them immediately.

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