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Do I Need a Lawyer for a Minor Car Accident in Houston?

One of the biggest mistakes that motorists make is assuming that a small accident is not worth the hassle of filing a claim for, or that an accident that does not seem to have resulted in significant damage or any type of physical injury can be ignored.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that 6.4 million traffic accidents occurred in the United States in 2017 alone. Roughly half of these, or 2.9 million, involved only two vehicles. Other accidents that were common were rear-end accidents and sideswipes, as well as collisions with poles and posts, falling into ditches, striking animals or pedestrians, rollovers, and motorcycle accidents.

While serious accidents generally involve bodily injury and extensive property damage, not to mention the filing of official police reports and the involvement of insurance adjusters, even minor accidents can lead to serious consequences if you do not follow up with them.

If you have been involved in an accident, let us know. We can help you identify potential injuries or damages that you may not be aware of. We will also walk you through everything you need to know with respect to filing a claim on time, meeting the evidence requirements of your insurer, protecting yourself from fraud, and quickly and easily getting your car repaired.

The Impact of Accidents

Depending on the nature of your accident, you can expect to pay anything from a few hundred dollars to several thousands in repair costs, medical treatment, higher premiums, and other penalties. This is as true for serious accidents as it is for minor accidents.

In 1996, the NHTSA estimated the economic cost of all traffic accidents to be as high as $150 billion annually. That number is much higher today, and many accident victims are oblivious to the high cost that even minor accidents can have.

Regardless of the severity of your accident, you should consult with a legal professional after an accident because:

  • You should not have to pay higher premiums for a tarnished driving record that results from an accident that was not your fault to begin with.
  • Your accident may result in injuries that only manifest themselves after some time, such as whiplash and neck muscle damage, both of which are common in minor rear-end crashes.
  • You may find yourself the victim of a counter-claim made by an at-fault driver who blames you for the accident.
  • You may mistakenly assume an accident is a minor accident when, in fact, there was more damage to your car than was at first apparent after the accident.
  • The cost of medical care will fall entirely on you if you do not document your injuries in a timely manner, and this can be very costly if you discover after-the-fact that you have sustained injuries or damages that were not immediately apparent after the initial crash.

Getting Help and Understanding the Law

Insurance policies and the laws governing auto accidents and personal injury can be complex. There are very specific time limits, known as statutes of limitation, during which you need to file a claim if you are to be entitled to receiving coverage benefits for an accident. Furthermore, depending on the amount of property damage or the extent of personal injury that results from a crash (usually $500 for property damage, even in cases when no other driver, vehicle, or individual was involved), you are required to file a police report and not leave the scene of an accident until law enforcement and/or emergency medical personnel arrive on the scene.

We have your best interests at heart, and we pride ourselves in providing services to our clients with a great deal of empathy and understanding. We know how the law works and how insurance companies operate, and we strive to protect the rights of innocent victims and to make the recovery of damages as quick and easy for them as possible.

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Our team is comprised of legal experts with a specialty focus on every aspect of auto accident law. If you have been involved in an accident of any type, even a minor accident, call us now at 713-677-2253. Tell us about your case and we will help you make the most well-informed decision possible for filing for damages. We will also walk you through the claims process of the insurer you use, the policies that apply to your situation, the deadlines you need to meet, and what payout you will likely receive for the damages you have sustained. Pay nothing until we win your case for you. Call now.

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