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Houston Man Serious Injured Selling Tickets

sashimomuraConcert tickets are definitely not something worth dying for. That is what almost happened to a Houston man who was dragged nearly to death over Jay Z concert tickets he was trying to sell on Craigslist last month.

The victim had posted an ad for eight tickets for sale on Craigslist. He then met two women at a Starbucks located on Durham who allegedly wanted to buy them. Passenger Cessica Darden, age 20 grabbed the tickets as the seller leaned into the women’s car to show them the tickets that he had.

According to law enforcement officers, the driver, Denitra Green, 20, attempted to speed away with the tickets while the victim was still partially inside her vehicle. Green sped on while the passenger, Darden kicked the victim repeatedly while he was hanging onto the door handle of Green’s vehicle.

As the two women sped down Durham, he begged them to stop the car. The victim finally fell and the vehicle ran over him, not stopping. The victim of the robbery was sent to an area hospital and has been there since December 15th with several broken bones, crushed fingers and severe road rash on his face and body. He may need plastic surgery and may lose the use of his fingers as a result of the incident.

Eyewitnesses did manage to get the license plate number for the vehicle and police traced it back to Green. Green was later identified by the victim in a photo lineup. On the night of the Jay Z concert, police went and found both women in the seats that they had stolen from the victim.

Even though admitting that they met the victim at Starbucks, they claim that the victim was paid for the tickets. Green and Darden are both being charged with aggravated robbery. Green is being held on $30,000 while Darden is not currently being held.

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