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Houston Progressive Accident Claims Lawyer

Filing an injury claim with a giant insurer such as Progressive can be quite daunting, more so if your case is not cut and dry. Like any other business, Progressive does all it can to maximize revenue and minimize cash outflows in the form of settlements. Progressive will most likely try delaying settlements, ignore sit-down requests, or even refuse to send a payment check for an agreed-upon settlement if it can find a loophole for doing so.

For the best chance at winning a quick damage compensation from Progressive, contact our team of expert Houston car accident attorneys today. We have years of experience handling claims with big insurers and no matter how complex your case is, we will devise a winning strategy that works in your favor.

About Progressive Insurance

Progressive has been in operation since 1937 and is governed by Texas state insurance laws wherever it operates in the state. It has offered auto insurance services since its inception. The company has built a name by insuring high-risk clients. Although Progressive has been touted as being radical in innovation, it still falls behind in terms of offering its clients timely settlements. The length taken by Progressive to settle a case is dependent on how complex the claim is and how aggressively the attorney representing you handles your negotiations.

Progressive Insurance Bad Faith

Progressive has been reported in the past for acting in bad faith by failing to follow laws and regulations regarding their policies. It is the duty of an insurer to assist you through the claims process, provide reasonable answers when requested to do so, and come up with a fair settlement if the fault and liability of their insured client are established. If Progressive or any insurer has done any of the following to you, you may have grounds for filing a bad faith claim:

  • Denied your claim for no logical reason
  • Ignored your claim for a time longer than what is reasonable
  • Settled your claim for an amount that is unrealistically low
  • Failed to pay a settlement even after one had been agreed upon
  • Refusing to investigate your claim
  • Misrepresenting the law
  • Rewriting policies without your knowledge
  • Unnecessarily delaying payment and/or responses
  • Failing to respond to requests for proof, documents, and files that are relevant to your claim

Why Hire a Lawyer for a Progressive Insurance Claim?

Having an attorney work on your case has numerous benefits. Your injuries may be too severe to allow you to leave the house or take care of errands. Furthermore, it is more than likely that you have never dealt with an insurance claim before and lack the relevant experience to negotiate your settlement. In most cases, Progressive insurance agents don’t provide ordinary claims from individuals with high-end offers. Such agents are also known to get away with not acknowledging claims or returning phone calls in the hopes of having claimants lose hope or fail to meet filing deadlines.

The moment you have an attorney on your side, the story changes. Our lawyers know the strategies insurers use to avoid making payouts and have impeccable negotiation skills. We will help speed up your settlement and see to it that you get a fair compensation payout.

Negotiating With Progressive Insurance

Generally, the first offer from Progressive will be lower than what you would hope to receive. With the right evidence, documentation, and expert representation, though, your chances of winning a fair settlement will rise. Our lawyers are ready to help you recover damages for:

  • Medical bills: This includes money spent on treating bodily injuries, ambulance costs, emergency medical care, special doctor’s appointments, spinal care, therapy, medical equipment such as wheelchairs, prescriptions, and transport costs to a health facility
  • Future medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of a body organ
  • Lost wages and lost capacity to earn as a result of physical or psychological impairment
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Property damage or vehicle loss
  • Loss of service/loss of consortium

Proving Pain and Suffering in an Injury Claim

There’s no precise way to calculate the exact monetary worth of your pain and suffering. Without adequate documentation of your suffering, you might find it hard to claim a fair settlement from Progressive. We overcome these obstacles by working with financial evaluation experts and medical practitioners to calculate exactly how much your claim is worth. Filing for a figure that is quantifiably backed by data and proof will make your claim that much stronger.

Talk to Us About Your Progressive Insurance Claim Today

You deserve a fair settlement for your injuries. However, winning a fair settlement will only happen if you have the right lawyer by your side. We are ready to file and pursue an injury or damages claim on your behalf. Call us today at 713-677-2253 for a free, private, no-obligation consultation and contingency-based representation with an experienced legal expert and get back on the road to financial and physical recovery. Don’t hesitate, call now.

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