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Houston State Farm Accident Claims Lawyer

Our Houston auto injury lawyers have decades of experience in representing State Farm insured motorists and individuals across Texas. Our injury claim representation services are contingency based, meaning you do not pay anything in legal fees until your case is won and financial compensation has been recovered.

For a free case evaluation, contact us here for a thorough discussion regarding your case and all of your legal options. We will walk you through everything you need to know and all that you need to do to prepare, file, and pursue your claim. We will even represent you in court if needed, which often happens when insurers refuse to pay a fair settlement to innocent victims.

About the State Farm Insurance Company

State Farm has been a leading American casualty and property insurance firm for decades. The company generates more than $60 billion in revenue every year, well ahead of GEICO, the second-largest insurance company in the country.

However, like all insurance companies, regardless of the type of company or industry in which it operates, State Farm is in the business of making profits for its shareholders and it does all it can to minimize settlement cash outflows. State Farm has skilled lawyers and insurance adjusters tasked with mitigating the company’s liability.

In simple terms, what this means is that they do all they can, whenever and however they can, to limit cash payouts to insured clients and third-party claimants, even in justified cases.

To obtain the compensation you justly deserve and to cover the medical expenses and lost income that arises from a car accident, you’ll need a lawyer who is good at handling insurance negotiations.

Our lawyers will help you seek maximum settlement for any injuries resulting from:

Tactics That State Farm Accident Adjusters May Use Against You

It is not the responsibility of an insurer or adjuster to explain the reason behind the settlement amount they offer you or to even justify their actions. Most insurers, including State Farm, may delay your compensation or outright deny your claim, hoping that you won’t respond. Below are some of the tactics that insurance companies have successfully used in the past to minimize legitimate settlements and claims:

  • Blaming you for the accident, claiming that the crash resulted from your negligence, or that it is not their policyholder who caused the accident
  • Claiming that the injuries you are seeking compensation for are from an earlier health condition and that you had not completely recovered from the issue
  • Alleging that the accident did not lead to your injuries and that you are just pretending to be hurt with the hopes of winning compensation
  • Claiming that your case is not worth much, even if they agree that the accident was caused by their policyholder

How Long Does it Take to Resolve a State Farm Injury Claim?

With an attorney working on your case, you are likely to receive an initial offer from State Farm in about 45 days after your lawyer sends them a demand notice outlining the reasons you deserve compensation.

Countering an Insurance Settlement Offer

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is countering a settlement offer made by an insurance company. For example, if you sustain injuries in a vehicle accident and initially believe that you deserve compensation in the amount of $30,000, you’ll likely demand that exact amount from State Farm. Unfortunately, State Farm will, in most cases, offer you something less, even as low as $5,000. If you counter their offer with, say, $15,000, they will still say no, but you will have admitted that you are ready to take $15,000 for a claim that’s worth more.

If you end up incurring even higher costs for treatment, special care, or lost wages that sum up to, say, $40,000, it will be difficult to demand more compensation as the insurer will have you on record that you were willing to settle for $15,000. The moral here is that, before trying to negotiate your settlement, first consult with a competent lawyer.

Our Team is Here To Fight On Your Behalf

If you or someone you love has been injured in a vehicle or work accident that you feel deserves compensation and the accident involves State Farm, we encourage you to contact us today at 713-677-2253 to discuss your case with us at no up-front cost. If State Farm proves to be reluctant in offering a reasonable settlement, we will seek justice for you in court. Call now.

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