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Houston SafeAuto Insurance Claims Lawyer

An injury claim can be both frustrating and challenging for anybody since insurance companies often behave less than fairly with their clients and insurance claimants. A company as big as SafeAuto has teams of insurance agents and adjusters tasked with mitigating the company’s damage liability, despite comprehensive Texas auto laws that are designed to be fair to everyone.

Our experienced auto accident lawyers know the tricks and tactics that insurance companies use to avoid paying fair claims; no matter how complex your claim is, we will fight for the damages payout that you truly deserve.

Common Vehicle Accident Injuries You Can Seek Settlement For

SafeAuto covers all of the major categories of auto accidents, including:

Types of Vehicle Accidents Covered by Our Lawyers

We help our clients file cases and pursue claims for accidents of all types, including:

What You Should Do After an Injury

If you or a loved one suffered an injury due to the negligence of another party, you are entitled to fair monetary compensation. You will, however, only win compensation if you properly document everything including your medical visits, insurance company conversations, pain and suffering, and all other losses incurred. Following the steps below will enhance your chances for receiving a fair damage settlement:

  • Keep a record of all documentation or paperwork that relates to your medical expenses
  • If your vehicle had other passengers in it at the time of the accident, make sure they keep their medical paperwork as well
  • If there are lingering injuries that show up days after an accident, ensure that they do not go untreated and seek a formal diagnosis from a medical practitioner
  • Obtain the police report for your accident as police reports are a crucial piece of evidence for accident claims
  • Let your insurer know that you have been involved in a crash and let them know about your injuries as soon as you can
  • Avoid signing any documents before consulting a lawyer
  • Avoid talking to anyone about your opinion of the accident without legal representation

When Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If an insurance company has delayed or denied your claim, you should seek legal representation immediately. Our lawyers will help you with your claim if SafeAuto has been unfair to you in any of the following ways:

  • Actions of bad faith
  • Unfairly delaying an agreed payout
  • Not responding to reasonable requests regarding your case
  • Breach of contract

For optimum results, don’t wait until an insurer hands you a low-ball settlement. Letting an attorney handle your claim from the moment an injury occurs will improve your chances of winning the compensation you deserve.

How SafeAuto May Act in Bad Faith or Violate Texas Insurance Regulations

  • Attempting to settle your injury claim for an amount that is drastically less than what it is worth
  • Wrongfully denying or delaying a claim
  • Failing to thoroughly investigate a claim
  • Failure to provide a reasonable explanation for delaying, denying, or underpaying your claim
  • Failure to promptly reply to or acknowledge a claim
  • Requiring unreasonable/burdensome documentation to process your claim

Common Reasons for SafeAuto Insurance Claim Denial or Delays

If SafeAuto denies or delays your injury claim on any of the following grounds, contact our attorneys to fight for your rights:

  • Refusing treatment that they deem medically unimportant
  • Claiming that a category of treatment is not covered
  • Denying your claim on the basis of incomplete evidence
  • Denying your claim on the basis of delayed submission of documentation
  • Denying your claim on the basis of administrative or clerical errors

Our Lawyers Can Help With SafeAuto Pre-Authorization Issues

In some injury insurance disputes, a policyholder might have failed to obtain a pre-authorization form from the insurer before receiving treatment. Failing to obtain pre-authorization may lead to claim denial. However, you can appeal this denial if you can demonstrate that receiving treatment was necessary and time-sensitive and that it would have been authorized by the insurer under normal circumstances.

In case your health or injury insurance claims were wrongfully delayed, denied, undervalued, or interfered with by SafeAuto, it’s crucial you get help from our skilled injury lawyers. Based on the terms of your coverage, our lawyers will re-file your claim, challenge the denial via the company’s internal administrative process, or take your case to trial.

How Much Does SafeAuto Injury Representation Cost?

Our lawyers will represent your case on a contingency basis. Right from the initial case evaluation and your consultation with our panel of legal experts, you will not have to pay anything until we win your case and you get the final settlement payout from all those responsible for covering your claim.

Talk to Us – We’re Here To Help

If you are struggling with insurance claim issues in Houston, we can help you fight for your rights. Our lawyers have decades of combined experience representing injured clients. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing professional services and the personal attention we give to every one of our clients. Call us today at 713-677-2253 to speak with us and to file a claim for damages.

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