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Kemah Car Accident Lawyer

Proving liability in a car accident, as well as the extent of losses and damages that the accident has subjected you to, can be daunting. Without the right legal representation, you may not get the right compensation you are rightfully entitled to under Texas accident laws. Insurers and at-fault drivers will try to take advantage of your naivety to mitigate their liability – all at your expense.

With this in mind, finding the right auto accident lawyer to pursue your case is Job 1 after sustaining injuries or suffering damages in a car accident. Our Kemah accident lawyers have years of experience in representing car accident victims and will help you with a wide array of claims. These include:

Common Car Accident Cases

A wide range of factors can cause an accident. Whatever the cause and regardless of whether you are at zero or partial fault, you need professional legal representation. Over the years, our lawyers have represented victims of:

How Much Is a Kemah Car Accident Claim Worth?

While different cases have different applicable settlements, our lawyers will pursue all insurance settlement options and fight to get you the best settlement possible. The settlement will be sought for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced or diminished earning capacity
  • Lost consortium
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional and psychological distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Wrongful death

Wrongful Death Claims in Kemah Car Accidents

Losing a beloved member is a painful order, but the situation is worsened if the death is accompanied by mounting financial burdens. If you feel the wrongful death of a loved one could have been avoided if the at-fault driver was more careful, we are ready to help you file a wrongful death claim. While this will not bring back a loved one, it will ease your pain by seeking compensation for:

  • Hospital bills of the deceased before death
  • Pain and suffering of the deceased from the point of injury to death
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of gifts or valuable gratuities
  • Loss of training and parental guidance
  • Loss of comfort and care
  • Lost financial support and capacity to earn
  • Loss of service
  • Loss of inheritance

Do Punitive Damages Apply in Kemah Car Accidents?

If you suffered an accident that you believe was caused by gross negligence or a willful act by a motorist, we can help you seek punitive damages. These damages are levied with the aim of providing you with extra compensation past what insurers are willing to offer and to punish the driver for their inexcusable negligence. Additionally, punitive damages act as a deterrent to such acts in the future by other drivers.

Comparative Negligence in Kemah Car Accidents

On top of being governed by no-fault laws, Texas applies the principle of comparative negligence in accident claims. This means that any party to an accident that in one way or another contributed to the accident is responsible for resultant damages. For you to win compensation, however, you must have contributed to less than 50% of the accident. For example, if you are found to be at 20% fault, you will only be able to recover 80% of the damages from the other party.

Insurance adjusters are experts at no-fault and comparative negligence, and in a bid to minimize liability, they’ll try and shift the blame on you. This could lead you into receiving, at best, a low-ball settlement, if not none at all. If you don’t want to be a victim, be sure to speak with a lawyer during the initial stages of your claim.

Kemah Hit and Run Accidents

After a car accident, drivers are required to stop to exchange personal and insurance details. If a motorist involved in an accident fails to stop, this is referred to as a hit and run. In such a case, you should try to capture the details of the fleeing car, such as its license, make, or model.

If you are unable to identify the vehicle, our lawyers will try to help by obtaining video footage from traffic cameras, obtaining police reports, and speaking to witnesses at the scene.

Hit and run drivers are not always identified, however, so your uninsured motorist cover will be used to cover some of your damages. You may also engage your health insurer if personal injuries or bodily damage is sustained. With a lawyer by your side, your chances of receiving a fair compensation package are significantly improved.

Fatal Car Accident Attorneys in Kemah, TX

In 2017, Texas experienced a 1.92% decrease in traffic fatalities. While this is good progress, traffic fatalities are still a major concern in the state as they claim thousands of lives every year. Most of these accidents are caused by negligence on the part of motorists in the form of:

Fortunately, all Kemah drivers are required by law to carry relevant auto insurance coverage. This means that should you or a loved one experience a fatal accident, you can always seek compensation either from the responsible driver’s insurer or even from your personal insurance cover.

We understand how complicated it can be making a claim, especially if you lack relevant experience in insurance policies and auto/driving laws. For this reason, we are ready to represent you. Our fatal car accident attorney team in Kemah offers personalized representation for fatal accidents of all types.

Proving a Fatal Accident Claim

To succeed in your claim, we need to prove that the traffic fatality your family suffered was directly the result of the negligence of the defendant. A defendant, in this case, could be:

  • The driver who caused the accident
  • An employer of the driver
  • A mechanic or technician
  • A vehicle or parts manufacturer

We will work to prove the defendant’s negligence by ascertaining that:

  • You deserved a duty of care from the responsible party
  • The party in question breached that duty of care
  • From that breach, an accident occurred
  • Fatalities or death resulted from the accident

Proving the above will give your claim grounds for compensation for damages that result from the accident.

Gathering Evidence for a Fatal Accident

With years of experience in the field, our fatal accident lawyers in Kemah know how to gather evidence and how to expertly present it. The evidence we gather can come from:

  • Accident scene photos – skid marks, vehicle damage, road landscape damage, and so on
  • Video footage from surveillance cameras
  • Police reports
  • Witness statements
  • Statements made by accident reconstruction officials
  • Vehicle dashboard cameras
  • Recordings of the responsible driver admitting fault
  • DUI reports by police to prove drunk driving
  • Speedometer readings to prove speeding
  • Phone activity to determine distracted driving

Seeking Damages in a Fatal Accident

After identifying the cause and source of the fault, our lawyers will follow up with your claim by:

  • Evaluating medical bills: Every cent spent on medication after an accident should be covered by the insurer. We will calculate all emergency medical care bills, out of pocket payments, special doctor appointments, prescription drugs, the cost of transport to medical facilities, rehabilitation, therapy costs, intensive care unit bills, and so on
  • Evaluating burial and funeral bills
  • Summing up property damages associated with the accident
  • Calculating the income loss and loss of service that the breadwinner formerly provided
  • Estimating other non-financial damages such as the loved one’s pain and suffering prior to death, loss of consortium, and more

Arriving at a consensus for the right compensation for all of the above will likely require the involvement of experts such as financial projectors and medical practitioners. With a reliable network of such experts at our disposal, there is no need to worry about calculating the value of your claim or proving it in court. We will take care of all of that for you.

Sources of Compensation

To get you the highest possible compensation amount to which you are entitled after a fatal accident, our lawyer will assess the nature of your case and determine all likely avenues for compensation. These could be from:

  • The insurance cover of the at-fault driver
  • Punitive damages
  • Your health insurance cover
  • Your uninsured motorist insurance cover
  • Your underinsured motorist cover

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