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Kemah Speeding Accident Lawyer

According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report, one out of every three fatal accidents involves speeding. Most drivers admit to speeding in national highway surveys.

What’s unfortunate about speeding is that not only does it increase the likelihood of a car accident but it exacerbates the severity of damages and injuries once an accident occurs.

Our Kemah, TX Speeding Accident Attorneys

To win a settlement in a car accident claim, you need to prove that your injuries or losses are a direct consequence of the negligence of another road user. Negligence is defined as someone’s failure to exercise a level of care that a person who is reasonable would have exercised in a similar situation. Texas law defines speeding as an act of negligence. Our team of auto law experts can help guide you through complex insurance and legal rules and provisions while seeking a claim for damages.

Proving Liability in a Speeding Accident

Speeding charges may apply if you are able to prove that a driver was:

  1. Driving too fast for current conditions – Motorists are expected to exercise reasonable care while driving in foggy, icy, and rainy conditions. The same applies when driving in congested traffic or on curvy roads.
  2. Driving past the speed limit – All Texas highways have speed limits that drivers are required to observe. Driving past the indicated maximum speed can be deemed irresponsible, unsafe, and wrongful conduct.

How Our Lawyers Will Help in Your Speeding Accident Claim.

The lawyer we assign to work on your case will play a number of crucial roles, including:

Legal counsel

Texas auto and accident laws are complex. You need someone to turn to for advice when your rights are violated to prevent further extortion. With this in mind, your lawyer will play a big role in helping you understand your legal options while guiding you through the settlement from start to finish.

Evidence Collection

To win a settlement, you must first prove fault. Proving fault will require solid evidence, and our lawyers will help you gather evidence to prove speeding was involved in the accident by obtaining:

  • Police crash reports
  • Traffic camera footage
  • Witness statements
  • Electronic recorder data in modern vehicles that gives information regarding the speed, acceleration, and braking of a car
  • Accident scene evidence – brake marks and skid marks
  • Reports from accident reconstruction experts
  • Any recordings of the at-fault driver admitting to speeding
  • Prior speeding tickets issued to the at-fault driver

Proving Fault

A thorough investigation will be paramount in building a strong speeding accident claim. After gathering sufficient evidence, your lawyer will deftly present it to show a violation in the duty of care that the speeding driver owed you. This will also include assessing the extent of your injuries and damages as grounds for seeking compensation.

Insurance Negotiations

Once the evidence has been gathered and the fault has been proven, what follows is negotiating your maximum settlement. We will assess all open compensation avenues and negotiate aggressively with the responsible insurers to try to get the compensation you deserve. Some of the damages we will help you seek recovery for include:

  • Present and future medical bills resulting from the accident
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Reduced ability to earn
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of service
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of consortium

Diminished Value Claims

On top of a speeding accident causing injuries to you, you will also suffer damage to your vehicle. Damages will need repair or replacement parts and this will lead to the reduced value of your car.


Most buyers prefer vehicles that have not been involved in a wreck, and if yours has, it will command a lower value than it would have before the accident. This is due to buyer perceptions that replaced parts may not be original or that a crash could lead to unnoticed problems that may affect the vehicle’s performance in the future.

Our lawyers will guide you in filing a diminished value claim to seek these types of damages as well.

Talk to Kemah’s Leading Speeding Accident Legal Team

After an accident, the first thing you should do is seek medical assistance. The next thing you should do is seek professional legal services. A speeding accident lawyer will protect your rights and will help you regardless of how complex your case is. You can count on our lawyer’s skills and experience, so call us today at 713-677-2179. You pay nothing until we win your claim. Call now. No risk with experienced and dedicated guidance to help you every step of the way.

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