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Pasadena Truck Accident Lawyer

Auto accidents are a major contributor to annual injury and fatality figures in the United States. When the vehicle involved is a tractor-trailer or a large truck, the damages and consequences of an accident are even more severe.

In most truck-related accidents reported in Pasadena, the truck driver happened to be the one at fault. When it comes to truck accidents, it is the passengers in smaller vehicles that tend to sustain more injuries than those in the truck. If you’ve suffered as a result of a truck accident, especially if you can prove that the truck driver was at fault, our Pasadena, TX truck accident attorneys are ready to help.

We Are Devoted to Getting You Full and Fair Recovery

Your claim demands are well-founded. Furthermore, while insurance companies often try to dupe injured parties into accepting compensation amounts that are lower than what they are entitled to, do not settle for anything less than what you deserve. Insurance adjusters will use an array of tactics to appear genuine to you, but their main aim is protecting their bottom line. Avoid all insurance offers before speaking to a Pasadena auto accident lawyer.

Having the right truck accident attorney on your side will make a huge difference in your case. Good representation means you will be able to avoid being extorted and will enjoy an improved likelihood of winning the compensation you deserve to cover medical bills, lost income, property damage, and other expenses related to the accident. Over all of the years that our Pasadena auto accident team has helped truck accident victims in Texas, we have gained crucial skills in the field and mastered the strategies that are needed for handling truck accident cases based on their unique complexities.

How Are Our Pasadena, TX Truck Accident Attorneys Different?

The Pasadena, TX truck accident experts on our team will improve the chances of fast claims recovery by:

  1. Independently investigating your case – Each truck accident is treated as special and dealt with in a personalized way based on its individual dynamics.
  2. We help you find specialized medical care so that the bills associated with care and medical recovery are directly consigned to the party at fault.
  3. We make sure to cover you for lost income, lost consortium, property damages, and all accident-related expenses.
  4. We cover not only current but future accident-related losses and expenses as well.
  5. We offer free consultation and guidance on filing a truck accident claim form.

Common Causes of Pasadena Truck Accidents

There are over 10.5 million registered trucks in the United States, with the number expected to increase by almost 75% over the next two decades. This presents a complex challenge to road users and legal teams because, according to an NHTSA report, someone is injured or killed in an accident involving a semi-trucks, tractor trailers, or 18-wheelers every 16 minutes in the United States. Vans, cars, and SUV’s still share the same highways with this increasingly large number of trucks on our public roadways.

In the event of a truck accident or truck-related accident injuries and damage, you need to find the right legal representation right away. We will help you file for damages that resulted from:

  • Aggressive truck drivers
  • Cell phone distractions
  • Truck overspending due to unrealistic delivery schedules
  • Tailgating
  • Poorly serviced trucks – faulty lights, couplings, or uninspected tires
  • Jackknifing
  • Lack of blind-spot mirrors
  • Truck driving under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants
  • Fatigued/ drowsy truck drivers

It is worth noting that truck companies are big players in the transport industry. They have vast resources to hire lawyers and representatives who, once after an accident occurs, will come to the scene trying to mitigate or limit the company’s liability. Out of naivety, you may end up acquiescing or agreeing to an offer that limits your future chances of better compensation.

The ideal time to speak with a legal expert is as soon as an accident occurs. A good lawyer will save you from malicious exploitation and will even hold all negotiations with the truck’s insurance companies on your behalf to ensure you are offered a fair compensation figure. Should your case go to court, our team of expert litigators will represent you there as well and fight by your side until your case is resolved.

Our Expert Truck Accident Attorneys Are a Call Away

To initiate a claim and get the ball rolling, all you have to do is provide us with a few details regarding the truck accident and we will assign a truck-accident expert to your case. He/she will answer all of your questions give you a free evaluation of your case, and guide you as to the next steps you need to take. Get started by calling us on 713-677-2159 now, or fill in your accident details here.

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