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Hit and Run at Monrad and West Fuqua

Houston nights are perfect for driving.  The air is warm and inviting, there is very little rain, and the world welcomes traveling forever. Sadly, for the inattentive, Houston nights are also perfect for reckless driving and accidents. It was just after 1:30am at Monrad and West Fuqua.  All was quiet, until a Dodge minivan sped from out of nowhere to rear end a car.  The car was sent hurtling off the road into a tree, where it caught fire.  The minivan driver, apparently scared to face the consequences, sped off into the night. The driver of the hit car wound up in the hospital where he’s recovering nicely.  Police are searching for the driver of the other vehicle.  They are asking that people be on the lookout for an old Dodge minivan. These types of accidents happen in Houston and all over the country.  One person is minding their own business when another one jets in, seemingly out of nowhere, to collide with them.  Every single day, we talk with people who have been in this situation. When people are injured in these types of accidents, there are a lot of questions.  Who’s going to take care of the injured man’s hospital bills?  Who’s financially responsible for taking care of his medical bills and other items?  What if he ends up being out of work or a while?  What happens next? At our law firm, we help people with finding solutions to these questions and more.  We are problem solvers.  We make sure that those who have been injured in Houston accidents get the settlements that they deserve.  Our team is committed to your well-being.  So, if you’ve been involved in a hit and run, give us a call.

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