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Truck Accidents

When a motor vehicle accident involves a large truck, it can often lead to serious injuries and even death. If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in an accident involving a truck, you need a professional truck accident attorney in Houston on your side. You shouldn’t be held responsible for the financial obligations the accident caused and your lawyer can help you recover the damages.

In cases involving semi-trucks or 18-wheelers, not only will your truck accident lawyer in Houston ensure you receive just compensation from the insurance company, but also they may go after the truck company. Each case is different and your attorney will be able to guide you through every step of the process.

The Investigation Your Truck Accident Attorney in Houston, Texas will Conduct

Once you hire a Houston truck accident lawyer, they will assemble the proper experts to conduct a full investigation. This may include interviewing witnesses, reconstructing the accident scene and a number of other things to help build your case. This information will all help if the case ends up going to trial, but also can help gain a larger settlement from the insurance company.

When an insurance company understands your attorney is serious about the case and will take it to trial, they will often offer a much larger settlement. Your lawyer will protect you by advising you whether or not to accept any settlement offer, as they know what is possible. Nothing can change the fact that you are injured or you have lost a loved one, but piling on large medical bills and other expenses will only cause extra stress.

Your Houston Truck Accident Attorney will Fight for Full Compensation

Things may seem bleak at the moment and you may not understand why this is all happening to you. The time after an accident can be very emotional and there’s no need to make things worse by adding financial stress to the situation. With a truck accident law firm in Houston on your side, you won’t need to worry about the new financial obligations you’ve accrued.

Types of Compensation in a Truck Accident Claim

  • Payment of all medical bills (current and future)
  • Compensation for job loss or lost wages
  • Funeral costs in wrongful death cases
  • Loss of enjoyment of life compensation
  • Punitive damages (an added sum of money used at a punishment)

Your attorney will inform you of what to expect as the case moves forward and they negotiate with the insurance and truck company. Your lawyer may seek other types of compensation depending on the circumstances of the accident. Some cases may gain a larger settlement, while other cases may only result in a small settlement.

What if You Don’t Hire a Truck Accident Law Firm in Houston?

If you decide to take what the insurance company originally offers and you don’t employ the legal services of a skilled attorney, you may not receive enough money to cover even current medical bills. The insurance company will offer you a settlement they think you will accept, but it won’t be nearly as large as you deserve

Without an attorney, it’s doubtful that you will receive any compensation from the truck company either. In many cases, if the truck company has neglected maintenance on the vehicle or the driver was negligent, they will be ordered to pay a large settlement amount to all injured victims and the families of those killed. Without an attorney, you won’t see a penny from the truck company.

Finding the Skilled Attorney for Truck Accidents in Houston You Need

You can easily open the phone book or do a quick search online and find plenty of personal injury attorneys in Houston, Texas. This doesn’t ensure you will find the right lawyer for your case, however. Finding a truck accident lawyer in Houston may be easy, but one that specializes in getting victims the largest possible settlement will be a bit more difficult.

You may need to contact more than one attorney and ask all the questions you have. Most will offer some type of free legal consultation and will answer questions pertaining to your case for you. The best Houston truck accident lawyers will offer you advice and will let you know the truth about what they think you may receive if you pursue the case.

Our Truck Accident Lawyers in Houston are Standing By

By providing us with a few details about your accident and yourself, we can match you with a professional truck accident attorney in Houston. He or she will contact you and answer all the questions you may have, while providing you with a free case evaluation. If you decide to hire one of our attorneys, they will guide you through every step of the case, while communicating every necessary change to you. Get your case started today by providing your information, here.

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